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These are people that don't need to be friends with you in order to view and like your status, the amount of followers you have is also published on your Facebook page.

Social Friend Follower allows you to purchase the followers you need to create the platform necessary to attract even more people to you personally or for your business. On the Social Friend Follower website you can purchase what you need in order to jump start your business efforts and create the type of following necessary to propel you or your business onwards in Facebook.

Facebook has a powerful service known as subscription Suggestion which introduces Facebook profiles that garner 10,000 or more subscribers. If your Facebook profile meets the criteria, you can have it suggested to millions of new people and expand your current following by the hundreds or thousands each week. What’s amazing about this service is that the Subscriber Suggestion is an auto-pilot program that requires nothing more from you. All you have to do is sit back and watch the new customers come week after week. Of course, obtaining 10,000 or more subscribers is the key to meeting the criteria of this powerful solution, Social Friend Follower can certainly help you get more Facebook followers.

It is a common trait that people are reluctant to share a service or product information that they use if they think few others are aware of it. However, if they believe it is widely popular, then they are more eager to share it with their friends as it is perceived to be more acceptable. Social Friend Follower can help you generate great interest in you or your business today so purchase your new followers below and start to grow your following.

Facebook Likes

7 to 10 days delivery
  • 1,000 likes $40
  • 3,000 likes $70
  • 5,000 likes $140
  • 10,000 likes $300
  • 25,000 likes $500
Fan Page URL

Facebook Followers

7 to 10 days delivery
  • 1,000 followers $30
  • 5,000 followers $70
  • 10,000 followers $140
  • 50,000 followers $600
  • 100,000 followers $900
Facebook Username

Fanpage Likes

Fanpage only, not personal
  • 500 likes $30
  • 1,000 likes $50
  • 1,500 likes $70
  • 2,000 likes $80
  • 3,000 likes $100
Status URL

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